Teacher Guide for finding
Technology Professional Development

This wiki is designed to help teachers of all grade levels K-20, and all abilities with technology to find professional development opportunities. This "self service" model will guide you through options based on your learning preferences and specific needs for types of information. While it is an ongoing project by necessity (nothing is every completely comprehensive these days - things change daily!), I hope you will take a look and find something that will work in your own journey of learning about and integrating technology into your educational practice.

When you have explored this wiki and perhaps participated in some of the PD that interests you, please take a moment and fill out this survey so I can continue to update the wiki with relevant materials. Thanks! --Sarah Sutter

If you prefer to work online, your options include:


If you prefer to work face to face, your options include:

Online Courses for Graduate Credit

Working Alone

Working with others (synchronously or asyncronously)

Text Based Resources

Audio Based Resources

Video Based Resources

F2F Courses for Graduate or other credit

Workshops and Conferences : tools or techniques and practices

Workshops and Conferences by content area

In-District PD and support

Link here for an audio intro for Beginners : Beginner.mov

Link here for an audio intro for Intermediate users : Intermeidate.mov

Link here for an audio intro for Advanced users : Advanced.mov

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I also highly recommend the technical pages

Things Everyone Should Know

Technical Requirements/specs

Online Identity


Wiki designed by Sarah Sutter in April/May 2009. Updated periodically. If you have information or events you would like posted please feel free to email me; sutterview at my gmail email, or you can tweet me @edueyeview