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Conferences (workshops by tool)
General Conferences
While the ACTEM conference is a general technology conference, it has workshop sessions by tool or topic, such as blogging, or using GarageBand or iPhoto, or making podcasts, or any number of things. This is also a great conference to submit proposals to so you can attend for free. ACTEM also provides additional workshops throughout the year - usually aimed at the tech teachers or tech support people in a district. *side note : ACTEM membership is $10 / year, and they have $400 / person per year for Professional Development funds . . . just for the asking (and nominal paperwork).
Actem's Maine Education conference each year is in October, and held at the Augusta Civic Center. (See note in previous box)
MLTI Summer Tech Castine
A three day series of workshops at Maine Maritime Academy in Castine. It usually runs in the last week of July. The sessions are 3-hours, so you have a keynote on one evening, two workshops the following day, and one more in the morning of the following day. It's great fun, and Castine is gorgeous no matter what the weather.
Alan November of November Learning has a conference in Boston each summer. BLC stands for Building Learning Communities, and it really is about making connections among educators, thinkers, philosophers, and others. It's a little expensive, but the conference can also be experienced through live streams online if you are interested (for free), and there is a FREE gathering of educators called EduBloggerCon East the day before the conference.
FOSSED is focused on Free and Open Source Software. They strive to have various tools, and strands differentiated by focus, such as classroom uses and practices, techie tools, programming and administration, and this year an open 1:1 initiative around netbooks and other topics.
This conference has run for 7 years, and it's a fun group of people.
This is a HUGE conference. It's a great opportunity, but it is also a little on the expensive side. ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) has great resources on its website, in its publications, and various events, both online and f2f. In 2009 many of the sessions were recorded, so explore the site for resources and possibly the video of the session(s) you are interested in.
Belfast Summer Tech (UMaine)
An opportunity to earn 3 grad credits from UMaine in 5 days. Choose a strand for your morning activities and then vary your afternoons with a range of workshops to choose from. The Hutchinson Center in Belfast is a lovely facility, air conditioned, and the food last year was great! It usually runs the last week of June (right before NECC). I'll post a link to the calendar & workshop offerings when they are up for 2010.
Constructing Modern Knowledge

CMK10 is a summer conference that focuses on the constructivist learning model. Gary Stager organizes the conference in such a way that there is lots of hands-on, unstructured time for experiencing just what Constructivist Learning is all about. He also has the most amazing speakers that come in and not only speak to the group, but interact with the participants around their projects for the week. He also does mini-sessions for one day before conferences such as NECC or Educon.
MLTI Ongoing PD Sessions Calendar
educon.png Educon 2.1 Educon 2.2
Educon is a conference about learning. While there is a strong undercurrent of 21st century technology involved, the conference really is about progressive ideas around education and learning. It's in Philadelphia - but really, it's not that far a drive. :) If you can't make it down, take a look at the recorded sessions in the 2.1 link above. The workshop is in January - next year tune in to the live streams, the live blogging, twitter stream and others if you want to participate from afar.