Online working on your own

You may find that you would like to start using resources that do not require you to interact with others, either in real time live, or via asynchronous text. If that fits your learning preferences, then you will find many of the resources in the Text Resources, Audio Resources and Video Resources pages can be used without interacting with anyone else. Tutorials within a program are also a great place to turn for resources on a particular tool. While less interactive, and geared solely for that particular tool, these services are an excellent resource for either an overview of a program or by using the help feature to search for an answer to a particular question while using software.

Many online learners work with others or interact with other learners in an asynchronous manner, through messages on a discussion board or via comments on a blog. One of the wonderful things about the online education community is its support of new learners. If you feel you need help with something, there are usually others out there who are willing to lend a hand, make a suggestion, or point out new resources. If and when you decide you would like to interact with others, please check out the Online with Others page in this wiki.