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Classroom 2.0 : Elluminate Sessions
While Classroom2.0 is primarily a ning community, Steve Hargadon also organizes weekly Elluminate sessions on a different topic each week. The topics are geared to beginner level introductions, but I inevitably find the discussion of who is doing what with the tools to be useful. It’s also a spot to begin to contribute to the dialog if you are a more advanced user.

EdTechTalk : Live Webcasts

EdTechTalk is available in podcast form after the webcast, during the webcast there is a live chat with the other listeners and those doing the webcast. It’s a wonderful community of peole from all over the country and even around the world (depending on the time of the webcast). While they are not always “PD” oriented, it might be someone interviewing the creators of a tool like Voicethread, or a discussion with other teachers, or a rundown of the latest gadgets, tools, and news in Ed Tech. My favorites are: Seedlings, Thursdays at 7:30, Women of the Web 2.0 Tuesdays at 9pm, Teachers Teaching Teachers, Wednesdays at 9pm, Conversations, Sunday at 11:30am, and EdTechWeekly Sundays at 7pm.

EdTechTalk EdTechWeekly Live Show from Sarah Sutter on Vimeo.
Webheads / Electronic Village Online

UStream TV: live streams of workshops

Unlike Classroom2.0 or EdTechTalk, UStream is a tool that many presenters use to stream their workshops out over the web. There is a live chat feature here too, usually only open if you have an account and log in (easy and free). Finding the dates and times for these streamed sessions requires building up your PLN and keeping tabs on what conferences and workshops are happening where. Twitter is a great tool to use for that kind of information.

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