Online Communities
While the point of an online community is to make a wide range of connections, some of the communities are based in Maine and have a preponderance of Maine teachers involved. With our unique position of having macs in schools, and now the prospect of having 1x1 laptops in grades 7-12 across the state, sometimes it's nice to connect with others in a similar situation.

*One thing about Nings - you need to join Ning, and then join each individual Ning that interests you. You also have to create your profile / page for each different Ning; you can't have just one page for all the Nings, as they are individual spaces just using the same technology platform.

Based in Maine
Global Communities
Learning in Maine
Jim Burke started this ning for educators as an extension of his Learning in Maine Blog and wiki of resources. Great conversations in the forums.
Art This is a community of nearly 20,000 educators from all over the world. Its focus is web2.0 technologies and connecting teachers to each other. It's a great place to ask a question, make connections with other teachers for global projects, etc.
Bob Sprankle, Cheryl Oakes and Alice Barr started this originally as part of their K12Online session on podcasting, but it is evolving to a broader focus. While these three are Maine educators, and there are quite a few Maine educators in the group, it is a ning with global membership.
ArtEd 2.0
Art Education 2.0 is for those interested in the use of new technology to enhance and transform art education. The aim of Art Education 2.0 is to explore ways of using Web 2.0 and other digital technologies to promote effective art education practices, encourage cultural exchanges and joint creative work, and support artistic projects, curricular activities, and professional development opportunities deemed important by members.
This ning was started by about 15 participants during the Belfast Summer Tech in June of 2008 as a location to host information on various tools, techniques, etc. with technology. It's geared to Maine teachers, and that is predominantly who are members.
Global Education Collaborative
This is a community for teachers and students interested in global education. Contribute by adding media, conversation, and collaborative project ideas.
ACTEM (work in progress - will link when live)
Gifted Education Ning
Collaboration among those interested in discussing issues of Gifted Education.