Tech Specs
Suggestions for making things work smoothly

  • You will need a fairly fast internet connection (DSL, Broadband, etc) to explore many of the online PD options, particularly those using streaming video (UstreamTV) or a virtual meeting platform (Elluminate). However, podcasts can be downloaded and listened to off line. If you are working with dial-up at home, your best bet might be to download what you can access at school or at the public library or an internet cafe of your choice.

  • Some of the tools will be blocked at school. Frequently a request will get the tool, site, or group unblocked (ie: Classroom2.0 is now unblocked). It's always worth a try!

  • While my screencasts are done on a Mac platform, all of the tools and sites listed will work on either a Mac or PC computer. If you are interested in making your own screencasts, check out and/or . Both are free, web based screencast applications and really easy to use.

  • Don’t expect everything to go smoothly every time. When you participate live, sometimes the webcasters or hosts will have technical trouble. Be patient, and realize that even those who know what they are doing have trouble sometimes.

  • If you are participating with audio, you will want to have a pair of earbuds or headphones available so you don’t get an echo loop with skype or iChat or Elluminate or other tool that incorporates audio. Make sure your home system has mic and speaker capabilities if you are exploring audio there and not using a school laptop. If you are considering purchasing headphones with a built in mic, make sure it's a usb connection such as this headset, and a mic that works just fine as a stand alone (at a reasonable price) is this Logitech.

  • If you aren’t sure how to use something - ask! Shoot me an email or set up a time for one on one tutoring.