Things you should know before working online

  • Most of these resources are free.

  • You will have to join quite a few sites or create logins for various tools.

  • Keep your usernames and passwords secure, which also means perhaps one password for your online PD which is NOT your email or school or banking password . . . Sometimes using one word and then the name of the tool makes each password unique but easy to remember (ie: teachertwitter8 and teacherning8 and teachervoicethread8, etc)

  • With all of the tools and communities you may join, it might make sense to write them down on paper somewhere, and perhaps to keep a notebook for your learning. Keep this information somewhere secure at home - not on a post-it on your laptop or desk calendar.

  • It might feel overwhelming or never-ending once you get going. Don’t feel like you have to know it all, all at one. Take your time. It will be there for you when you want it.

  • You don’t have to find a use for the tool immediately in your classroom. Use it first yourself to figure out how it works, and then the ideas will come. Also, you don’t have to master the tool before using it with students - you can ask for help from the tech staff to support the use of it in a classroom project.

  • Some of the best information is not in typical PD format, but will come in discussion or links to tools from other teachers and techies. The “Social networking” aspect of online PD is key - and it really is more like “Professional networking”.