Video based resources
K12Online Conference
The K12Online resource is an annual posting of professional development podcasts and vodcasts. Most are available in both audio and video modes. Some work best in video as the presenter is using screencasts to demonstrate an idea, but some are mainly discussion or idea based and can be very effective in just the audio mode. Each year new topics are posted in October, but the past years work is archived for you to experience at any time. This year (October 2008) there were two strands, getting started and kicking it up a notch. If you are a beginner, you may want to start with the getting started strand.
Tour of K12Online below

K12Online Tour from Sarah Sutter on Vimeo.

Educon2.1 Conference session archives
Educon is a conference held at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia each January. It is not a technology conference. It is an education conference. It is an innovation conference where teachers, administrators and others in education can come together, both in person and virtually, to discuss the future of schools. Sessions were recorded and are available for viewing at the above link. They should be available through mid-June 2009.
MLTI Online Spring Conference 2009 : Workshop Recordings (Adobe Connect)
The Maine Learning Technology Initiative hosted its first online conference this spring (May 2009) through Adobe Connect. All of the sessions were archived and are available to all. While there is some concentration on the Mac laptops and the programs available with them, since that's what is provided through the MLTI program, there are many sessions that are platform independent or talk about pedagogy as well as the tech tools involved.

Open PD by Darren Draper
Darren led PD sessions at his school but opened them up to teachers via UStream to both participate live, and to use the recorded sessions as PD after the fact. Here's the link to the front page of the wiki, and here is the link to the video archives of the sessions. Here is a June 2009 blog post by Darren that outlines some of his plans to research open PD, as well as the tentative plans for additional open PD sessions during the 2009-2010 school year.

Many people attending workshops or conferences are streaming the presentation on UStream. If you have a PLN via twitter you will probably see many links to these kinds of things. Here's on example - Karl Fisch (of Did you Know fame) presenting. It's worth the time to watch the whole thing - he gets to the heart of some key questions.

100 Free Online Lectures that will make you a better teacher
These videos run the gamut from TED talks to screencasts, Common Craft to classroom management strategies. There is a Technology section, but many of the lectures in other areas are also wonderful professional development opportunities.

Searching YouTube for Video How-To’s

Don’t overlook YouTube as a resource for HowTo videos. This goes for everything - not just EdTech! I couldn’t figure out how to thread my sewing machine . . . and there was a lovely howto on youtube. This works best when there is something specific you want to do, such as adjust audio levels in iMovie or create a screencast or set your iTunes default formats to MP3. (Screencast below is a tour of searching for resources on Youtube)

Youtube Search Howto from Sarah Sutter on Vimeo.
Palm Breeze Cafe : 256 youtube videos of howto for Ed Tech : includes lots of different software screencasts, such as Google Sketchup, Photoshop Elements, and many others. By teachers, for teachers